T.Kelly Mason

You Should’ve Been There

Exhibition from November 9th, 2000 to January 9th, 2001.

Bastide presents a sculpture by T. Kelly Mason titled Passage from Present to Presence.

This work is a corridor, at the centre of which is a space of pure silence. A sphere.

This space is perhaps only theoretical. It is constructed by alternating patterns of white noise projected into the centre of the corridor, when these patterns intersect precisely opposite to one another, this phenomena will occur.

« If I tell you what it is will it ruin the experience?
Can you trust an abstract painter to tell the truth? »

Mason also presents a number of collages, which ask questions about the process of communication in the abstracts world f forms and in the present world of language. The collages take pairing of founds photographs:

lobby cards used to advertise cinema, memories of an experience that passes by continually. The relationships of the characters in these photos play out a time space comedy of errors. The collages are annotated with descriptive language, anecdotes and jokes.