Luiza Marcier

À Colecionadora (21 + 12 flying dresses)

Exhibition from September 7th, 2007 to October 20th, 2007.

À Colecionadora is the state in which Luiza Marcier presents her creations. The state may be:

1. A 10-minute fashion show on a runway at a “fashion” event...ughh!

2. Four years in a store inside her father’s art gallery – a place of objects that were almost alive during the fun era that was the 1980s – during the novo riche pre-consumer phase of one of the first shopping centers in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the barrio of Gávea.

3. About a bride in a wedding dress laced with cigarette burn holes, a post-combustion dress - fruit of the combustion between human beings. A recorded message: “The dress will self-destruct during the ceremony”.

4. In a street across from the college where you got your degree (....). 5. In models that walk on tables in a Rio bar.

6. In a projection of drawings of clothes onto a white dress over the body of a magician’s assistant in a travel agency in a deactivated train station in downtown Rio.

7. In the blue ink of a Bic pen scrawled over white, x-rayed on the black background, stamped with footprints of sandal with uniform straight-line movements.

8. A state of bololô. 9. In a square.

10. In a lucky streak. 11. In a scribble.

12. In a huge square.

13. In a theater piece.

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Hanging on hanger over a white wall, clothes that are painting in a store-gallery in your home. Clothes on the street, they bundle up, travel, fold over and go. Clothes that exist, clothes that don’t yet exist drawn and glued to a white wall. Intermediate clothes, clothes with projected light.

À Colecionadora is solid, punk, liquid and gaseous. It dresses the mutant human being.

Luiza Marcier knows she is À Colecionadora, so she sews a sensorial script from among her own collections. A scribble makes her present, a curve is mounted and dissolved, color yourself inside and fly.

12 pieces of clothing from overlapping eras, from different layers (geological?) of time, from some of the 12 months of the year, from any year, from a deactivated station are À Colecionadora.
21 flying dresses over a foreigner’s or Rio’s bodies? À Colecionadora.